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Raphaology Native Medicine is a unique blend of ancient, indigenous healing wisdom and masterful herbal and nutritional systems that offer you unparalleled resources for self-healing at any level of wellness.

Uncover Your Healing Power

Raphaology Native Medicine is a unique blend of ancient, indigenous healing wisdom and masterful herbal and nutritional systems that offer you unparalleled resources for self-healing at any level of wellness.

Uncover Your Healing Power

Indigenous Wisdom… Native Medicine… The Healer Within!

Natural Remedies for Common Ailments


Finally, a practical and common sense approach to positively changing your life starting with what’s inside your body using remedies that may already be in your home. Get your complimentary download and receive empowering tips and info to make your life easier, happier, and healthier:

  • What to Take out of and Put into your home
  • Foods to help Prevent Dis-ease
  • How to Neutralize Infections
  • Common Ailments and Natural Remedies
Momma Wolf

Learn Self Healing

with Momma Wolf

Enroll in Live, Self-Healing Courses taught by Master Herbalist and Nutritionist Momma Wolf, Professor of Raphaology Medicine

You’ll Learn:

  • How to use Medicinal Plants and Foods for Self-Healing

  • Common Symptoms and What They are Trying to Tell You

  • What Happens in Your Digestive, Immune, and Hormone Systems

  • Why Your Body Needs Nutrients and What It Does with Them

  • When to Use Cleanses and Detoxifications

  • How to Unleash Your Automatic Healing Potential

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Nature's Recipe for Peak Health
Specialty Starter Kit
Peak Food Recipes Cookbook

What is Raphaology?

Raphaology is a system of self-healing founded in native plant medicine developed from world-sourced indigenous “cures”. Its application blends the ancient know-how of Red Man, Viking, Incan, Egyptian, and Asian healing modalities with herbs that repair damage and foods that boost every known and unknown function for radiant health. Raphaology uses the body as the natural device for detecting dis-ease and determining the specific native medicines and high enzyme foods that will produce amazingly effective physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Healing Herbs


Whole plant phytoceuticals that provide reparative healing elements to regenerate cellular damage, balance glands and systems, and restore peak function resulting in symptom elimination and natural health and well-being.


Super enzyme and nutrient dense phyto-fuel with mega bioavailability to boost every body system, gland, and organ, increasing performance from digestion, hormones, immunity, circulation, and beyond.

ID Therapy 

Interactive communication is non-invasive testing that uses the nerve paths of the feet to pinpoint specific imbalances at the core of dis-ease, allowing your body to identify the resources needed to restore complete health naturally.

Color Therapy

Light, a resource used for hormone production, is replenished after determining deficiency or excess that indicate what’s needed to restore healthy hormone balance for enhanced organ and system performance.

What Can I Expect?

Your body is extraordinary, and you will learn to hear what it has to say in a whole new way.


No matter what your symptoms: migraines, indigestion, eczema, insomnia, immune disorders, hormone imbalance, or the myriad other ways your body is trying to tell you what needs attention, get all your healing needs met with raw, cold processed, organic, whole plant medicine.


Learn what to eat, what to avoid, and why. Your daily food can be delicious, nutritious and fun. Get your cravings satisfied by giving your body what it truly needs: high enzyme, nutrient dense, organic Peak Frequency Foods.


Use the FREE Health Catalog to help determine what supplements you may need and what to shop for, or call 657-900-2599 to place an order, or contact us to get referred to a skilled and caring Raphaology Practitioner.


By using whole plants as medicine, your body responds with more energy, reduced inflammation, better digestion and elimination, improved sleep and immunity, less stress, clearer thinking, a bit of detoxification, and soon, a whole new healthy, joyful life.

Take a Course

in Self-Healing the Way Nature Intended

Learn Nature’s Indigenous Recipe for Peak Health

The power to PREVENT and CURE any dis-ease is not in the hands of doctors and drugs.

The REAL power belongs to YOU!

YOUR BODY IS ITS OWN DOCTOR. With the choice of herbs over drugs, you can heal, regardless of age, genetics, or dis-ease. Unleash your body’s intelligence and power to repair, rebuild, and restore by awakening your inner healer. The awakening happens when you choose plant-based healing over symptom treatment with pharmaceutical toxins.

In the first Course, you’ll learn about your hormones, digestion, immunity, herbs, foods and more; including how to tap into your cellular intelligence and awaken your inherent ability to:

  • REPAIR damage on the cellular level

  • BALANCE digestion, hormones, sleep, and energy

  • BOOST function in glands, organs, and systems

  • REGENERATE your health, immunity, youth, strength, and longevity

Don’t let the dis-ease-care system continue to treat your symptoms and ignore what’s causing them, YOU can heal the underlying problems, and eliminate the symptoms of dis-ease. Take charge of your health with Raphaology Native Medicine today.

Practical Self-Healing Blog

Get real support from whole-truth, no-hype articles with cutting edge information, resources, and nutrient supplement suggestions for your optimum HEALTH.

8 Reasons to Do a Detox

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good time to consider doing a detox. Detoxification improves cells, organs, bones, teeth, hair, and hormone production by eliminating the build-up of unhealthy chemicals, toxins, and allergens from the body. Part of a healthy lifestyle is an annual, whole-body detox, and spring and summer are ideal times for cleansing.

Best 7 Essential Oils: Why & How to Use Them

The essential oil of a medicinal herb contains the most concentrated healing properties of the plant. With the advent of failing antibiotics in the face of super-resistant germs, essential oils are nature’s answer to healing. The following is but a small sampling of the wide wonders of essential oils, their benefits and their traditional applications. When a bottle of super healing can cost less than $20.00, and save you a trip to the emergency room, it might be time to give nature’s “farmacy” a serious test-drive.

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