7 Good Ways to Change Bad Cholesterol for the Better

By Momma Wolf

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Cholesterol, lipo-protein, is a fat regulated by the liver function. A major role of the liver is to convert cholesterol into digestive bile, but should the liver fail, or should your body get overwhelmed by a diet of bad fats, such as hydrogenated oils and trans fats found in fries, chips, pastries, peanut butter, some meat and dairy, etc. which are impossible for the liver to convert, then lipo-proteins are kept circulating in the blood.

Cholesterol as a food has gotten a bad “rep” as the primary cause of heart disease. This popular but misguided theory has lead many people to eat a low-cholesterol or cholesterol-free diet. But the human body needs cholesterol so much that it cannot rely on food sources alone for it. The body manufactures roughly 70-80 percent of the cholesterol it needs, while it relies on less than 30 percent to come from diet.

Hawthorn leaf is nature’s herb that repairs damage to the liver that may have occurred from diet and other degenerative sources. The good news is that the liver is one of the fastest repairing organs in your body. Hawthorn leaf and vitamin C, especially Grass-C which has a silica base that restores strength to the arteries, are two supplements that can repair artery and blood vessel damage along with repairing the liver, and together they make a formidable cholesterol lowering team.

Use these foods and supplements to lower bad cholesterol (LDL’s) and build good cholesterol (HDL’s):

  • Vitamin C/Grass-C, which scavenges LDL light and dense fats from the blood stream, supports platelet nutrient delivery, and keeps blood vessels strong (10-20,000 mg. daily).

  • Lecithin Powder, (non-GMO, organic) supports liver to convert excess cholesterol into bile or eliminate it through the colon.

  • Alfalfa tea, which binds to cholesterol in the gall bladder and colon and works to expel it.

  • Olive leaf extract, which helps metabolize excess cholesterol.

  • B-complex vitamins with Potassium – breaks down homocysteine into harmless substances and allows it to be eliminated. B vitamin deficiency results in the development of atherosclerotic plaques.

  • Cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil plus avocadoes – rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, long chain fatty acids (providing all essential fatty acids the body requires), which are the good quality HDL’s that lower levels of “bad” cholesterol and protect against oxidation and free radicals. Avocadoes are another source of HDL’s that scavenge rancid and toxic fats from the blood serum and bind with them for transport out of the body.

  • Hawthorn Leaf tincture, (not hawthorn berries) can be taken in extract, tincture, capsules, or tea form to repair and restore liver function, eliminate excess enzymes and regenerate ability to convert cholesterol into bile.

The Primary side effect of “statin” cholesterol lowering drugs inhibits the liver from using cholesterol, causing damage and dysfunction to both liver and heart. Statin drugs affect the muscles and muscle organs of the body, causing muscle weakness, inflammation, and pain, and also damages the heart muscle, making heart attack a common side effect of this drug classification.

November 11, 2022

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