7 Supplements for Sunburn Relief & Sunburn Prevention

By Momma Wolf

Sun exposure can be classified in three stages: preventing, maintaining, and healing. As much as we try to avoid it, sunburn happens from time to time. The best sunburn prevention is olive oil, extra virgin and cold pressed. Applying oil may be counter intuitive for sunburn prevention, but olive oil helps the valuable nutritional rays of the sun be absorbed into skin without burning, and aids the development of melanin in the skin, which prevents malignant melanoma. Sunscreen, especially with high UV protection, prevents the formation of melanin and therefore puts people at greater risk for melanoma.

Sunburn can be mild to severe and form tender redness, blistering fluids, and even produce scarring, not to mention the painful discomfort that makes wearing clothing hurt and sleepless discomfort. Treating sunburn as quickly as possible is extremely important. Many OTC sunburn relief products contain Aloe Vera, an efficient antibacterial ingredient used to treat and heal the skin. Applying sunburn relief products to the skin should be a gentle process to avoid irritating the skin and causing it to peel. If skin peels off, your body is without any natural protection, so try to avoid more sun exposure until you’ve healed.

Sunburns have many different degrees from mild redness to severe, skin damaged burns. When looking to heal any sunburns this summer, check out these natural supplements for healing after sun damage.

Aloe vera

1. Aloe Vera

Known for its immediate cooling effect, aloe vera contains properties that are effective in  soothing sunburn and healing skin by literally forming a topical layer that protects damaged skin while at the same time helping new undamaged skin to form. Aloe vera is a natural way to reduce soreness and redness and can be applied directly to the skin. This healing plant contains aloecetin B, which stimulates the immune system, and it also has compounds such as polysaccharides, mannans, and lecithin. Apply the inner portion of the leaf, cutting it lengthwise down the middle, exposing the inner gel, and gently rub the cut inner leaf over the burned area. Use this remedy several times a day for best results and speed the recovery of burned skin.

2. Coconut Oil

This plant is one of the top on every list of health benefits. Coconut oil contains fatty acids and natural properties alkalize burned skin and make it cool to the touch, help reduce swelling, moisturize the skin, and help prevent peeling. Not surprising, a good number of sunburn lotions contain this amazing ingredient. Use extra virgin coconut oil from a health food store, gently rub it on skin several times per day, and enjoy the countless benefits.


 3. Lemon Juice

The fresh juice of lemon contains anti-inflammatory properties that may also help the healing process. This natural product can be diluted with cold water at 50/50 ration, soaked into a cloth, and applied to skin for heat soothing, and may speed up the recovery time for damaged skin.

4. Goat Milk

A cold milk compress is an old-fashioned and effective way to eliminate sunburn. A quick and readily available option, the coolness and anti-inflammatory properties of goat milk helps ease heat off the skin and also creates a layer of protein to protect your skin, minimizing discomfort. It will provide numerous nutrients that help build new skin rapidly, especially when applied multiple times daily for a day or two.

5. Raw Red Skinned Potato

Potato is notorious for drawing heat away from skin, whether its sunburn, chemical, or fire burned skin. Washing and peeling the potato, the slicing or shredding the inner meat and applied directly to skin immediately draws off the heat, alkalizes the burn, and supplies nutrients that speed healing and encourages skin regrowth.

6. Oatmeal

It may sound weird but oatmeal is a great way to minimize sunburned skin. A cool bath with added oatmeal can significantly improve your skin condition after getting a sunburn as it draws out heat and reduces that “burned” feeling. Oatmeal used topically directly applied to skin can also be helpful in moisturizing the affected areas and minimizing redness.

Calendula flower

7. Calendula/Marigold

Calendula is one of the best natural products to treat sunburn as the antioxidant-rich calendula flower has the ability to nourish and soothe sun damaged skin. Also known as marigold, calendula (calendula officinalis) is a common garden plant throughout North America and Europe.  The petals and pollen contain triterpenoid esters, which works as an anti-inflammatory, and the carotenoids flavoxanthin and auroxanthin, both antioxidants. The leaves and stems contain lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene.

Safe to use, calendula cream is a natural soothing cream for dry skin, sensitive skin and over-exposed skin. Calendula has been used to treat skin diseases such as eczema, poison ivy and poison oak dermatitis, as well as minor burns, bruises, diaper rash, and wound healing.

May 18, 2023

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