8 Reasons to Do a Detox

By Momma Wolf

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No matter the time of year, it’s always a good time to consider doing a detox. Detoxification improves cells, organs, bones, teeth, hair, and hormone production by eliminating the build-up of unhealthy chemicals, toxins, and allergens from the body. Part of a healthy lifestyle is an annual, whole-body detox, and spring and summer are ideal times for cleansing.

Many of us procrastinate detoxing because we anticipate the unpleasantness that often goes along with it, however, there are easy and comfortable ways to gently detox that still keep you functional. Try following these suggestions for longer, yet gentler ways to detox that may fit your lifestyle better than a big cleanse that may send you into a healing crisis.

Take a moment and tune in to your body. Self-check for digestive or elimination issues, allergies, low energy, slow metabolism, poor concentration, susceptibility to seasonal colds and flues, dull hair, inflammation, headaches, poor sleep, depression, or any problem that feels “off”. If you still don’t have a good reason for a detox, here’s a list of 8 reasons that signal it’s time for you to do a detox.

1. Remove Toxicity

Removing toxins from your body is the main reason for a detox. We get toxins not only from processed foods and food additives but also from stress, chemical water treatment, and other environmental contamination. A detox program can help remove the candida overgrowth from the intestinal tract and will cleanse the blood, lymph fluid and all major organs of toxic residue.

2. Energy Booster

Feeling constant fatigue, having no energy, and poor memory or concentration are good signs your body may need a detox. Getting rid of toxicity can help your body utilize energy towards repair and regeneration of damaged cells. By doing this, your body is able to recharge and rebalanced itself, resulting in more energy and vitality.

Suggestion: Try drinking a glass of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning, followed by 2 Probiotic capsules.

3. Improve Digestion

Removing toxins from your body can significantly help to improve digestion and elimination. Detox programs are known to help improve the absorption of nutrients from foods, so you can actually get more vitamins and minerals from the food you eat.

Suggestions: Try drinking a glass of room temperature water with ¼ tsp. Real Salt first thing in the morning, followed by 1 Digestive Enzyme capsule

4. Immune System Enhancer

A proper detox program can definitely help strengthen the immune system. Alkalizing the entire body plays a significant role on how your body reacts to adversity. With a stronger immune system, you are less likely to get sick and are likely to prevent health problems.

Suggestion: Try drinking 1-2 cups of Thyme tea first thing in the morning followed by 2 Probiotic capsules.

5. De-Stress

Detox can be an excellent way to de-stress. Too much stress disrupts the production of three main hormones: serotonin, responsible for regulating your sleep, noradrenaline, related to your daily energy level, and dopamine, responsible for making you feel happiness and pleasure.

Suggestion: Try drinking 1 cup Chamomile or Horsetail tea before each meal, taking 1 teaspoon B-Complex vitamins with meals, and eating a small handful of raw cashews, which contain natural serotonin.

6. Prevent Disease and Illness

Detoxing your body can help prevent disease and illness. With less toxins in your system, you enhance your physical, mental and emotional health, and can restore your internal environment, which in combination with strengthening the immune system can prevent the development of disease or illnesses.

Suggestion: Try drinking 1-2 cups Sarsaparilla tea in the morning, which neutralizes toxins, then taking 1 Probiotic and 1 Digestive Enzyme before each meal.

7. Remove Parasites and Worms

Most parasites and worms are ingested from eating meat, raw fish, foods grown in contaminated soil, or from unclean water. A good detoxification program will eliminate many harmful pathogens, bacteria, worms and parasites not only from the colon but also from other areas of the body.

Suggestion: Try taking 1 capsule each of Cloves and Wormwood, 1 teaspoon of Black Walnut Hull Extract, and 15 drops Amino Acid Complex before each meal for 4-6 weeks, and drink lots of water to flush. Support with 2 Probiotic capsules after dinner.

8. Reduce Body Fat

A whole body detox is one of the best ways to eliminate excess body weight. An ideal detox protocol will help to eliminate toxins from the fat cells, flush the system of impurities and reduce cortisol levels, the hormone responsible for abdominal fat.

Suggestion: Try drinking 1 cup Thyme tea before each meal, taking 1 Digestive Enzyme capsule before meals, putting 1 drop Rosemary essential oil over the Thyroid at base of throat every morning, and putting Cayenne pepper on your food each day.

Happy Detoxing!

June 23, 2023

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