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8 Reasons to Do a Detox

No matter the time of year, it’s always a good time to consider doing a detox. Detoxification improves cells, organs, bones, teeth, hair, and hormone production by eliminating the build-up of unhealthy chemicals, toxins, and allergens from the body. Part of a healthy lifestyle is an annual, whole-body detox, and spring and summer are ideal times for cleansing.

Best 7 Essential Oils: Why & How to Use Them

The essential oil of a medicinal herb contains the most concentrated healing properties of the plant. With the advent of failing antibiotics in the face of super-resistant germs, essential oils are nature’s answer to healing. The following is but a small sampling of the wide wonders of essential oils, their benefits and their traditional applications. When a bottle of super healing can cost less than $20.00, and save you a trip to the emergency room, it might be time to give nature’s “farmacy” a serious test-drive.

7 Supplements for Sunburn Relief & Sunburn Prevention

Sun exposure can be classified in three stages: preventing, maintaining, and healing. As much as we try to avoid it, sunburn happens from time to time. The best sunburn prevention is olive oil, extra virgin and cold pressed. Applying oil may be counter intuitive for sunburn prevention, but olive oil helps the valuable nutritional rays of the sun be absorbed into skin without burning, and aids the development of melanin in the skin, which prevents malignant melanoma.

3 DIY Cleaning Products

Making your own cleaning products is a fun family project, and it’s an easy way to go green while saving some “green” along the way. When making your own cleaning supplies you can re-use sterilized glass bottles, or make sure to use new, clean plastic bottles. Also, add some labels so you know what’s what. Here are some of our favorites.

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