Introduction to RAPHAOLOGY® Native Medicine & Practitioner Training

This introductory course contains the heart and soul of RAPHAOLOGY Healing and Medicine, the pioneering curriculum and system of therapies and practices developed by Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf-D.R.M. and Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M. featuring the essentials everyone needs for taking leave of dependency on industrial medicine, including how, why, and what to know and do for complete empowerment and accountability in self healing far beyond symptom treatment:

  • Ancestral and ancient practices in health and healing through cultural, natural, and practical means and the global changes in conditions that influence how traditional applications are transformed into health and healing today. 
  • How Light and Color Frequencies relate to the hormone system; what the human body does with light, its response to peak frequencies, why and how it affects emotional balance, mental acuity, and physical performance, how light waves become the pattern upon which the physical body takes form and function, and how to change and use them for claiming and maintaining the highest quality of health. 
  • The relationship of Digestion with Dis-ease; a total view, including all remedies, of the digestive system; how its organs, enzymes, and hormones are the key to vitality in neutralizing and balancing stress, toxins, and trauma; and whose function or dysfunction produces the basis for either health or dis-ease.
  • Understanding and using Whole Spectrum Nutrition; the so-called foods to avoid that otherwise produce dis-ease, and the Raphaology Foods containing the highest amounts of light, information, and enzymes that are truly our daily medicine in claiming and maintaining the optimum quality of health and potential on all levels of life.
  • The full scope of medicinal Herbs; how to use the properties of Raphaology Native Medicine to repair gland, organ, and system functions, what aspects restore blood and lymph circulation, how they release environmental toxins and chemicals stored in tissues, and their application to restore immunity; eliminate pathogens, and symptoms; and naturally substitute for drugs, eliminating their harmful side-effects. 
  • Principles and applications of Interactive Determination (I.D.) Therapy as the state-of-the-art preference over technological limitation, using the human body as the instrument for identifying specific organ problems and light frequency deficiencies and determining the corresponding herbs and foods that are needed to reinstate balance and life force. 
  • Creating complete and total health through claiming the innate doctor within each of us and reactivating purpose and joy through the combined use of Peak Frequency herbs, foods, light, and relationships. 

Course 1 Donation: $900.00 With this course completed, students desiring to move into Practitioner status are eligible to take the Foundational Hands-On Training to begin the process of becoming a Foundational Raphaology Practitioner.