Deep Self-Healing & Critical Care

The second course provides deeper immersion into the 4 main threats of life – bone and nerve deterioration, heart attacks and strokes, both types of diabetes, and all cancers, covering why, how, and what are the Peak Frequency responses to their prevention and healing. This course includes training in the 7 Levels of Trauma and how the application of herbs and foods bring immediate relief and critical healing, can eradicate traumatic stress as the cause of death, and avoid Emergency Room visits. Root causes of dis-ease and the powerful herbal relevance comparable to hospital critical care units are learned. Complete understanding in what, why, and how to deal with bacteria, virus, fungi, tissue trapped toxins, harmful intestinal fermentation and parasites are expanded upon including their practical eradications. How pharmaceutical drugs affect clinical nutritional and physical degeneration, how to counteract deficiencies, and what natural resources to use for overcoming them. The Raphaology Food Pyramid and Food Plans are introduced and explored, with comparatives to USDA and Standard Nutritional regulations. What are higher Peak Frequency colors and foods (including alpha and lipoic acids and alkaline foods), and how they erase the effects of household and environmental toxins. Pregnancy, infant and child care, allergy relief, and male & female menopause specialties are approached from herbal and nutritional standpoints. Study the methods of healing in mind, body, and emotions through implementing Keys to Creation, an advanced system of thoughts, movements, habits, and sounds as tools for self and reality mastering. Learn how to build bone and muscle, lose weight, and let go of limitations using New Cellular Enzymatic Liquid Light (C.E.L.L.) Therapy. All preparations lead up to an advanced exploration of inner imagery through meditation in preparation to experience communicating and relating to plants.

Course 2 Donation: $900.00 With this course and the Foundational Hands-On Training completed, students desiring to move into Certified Raphaology Practitioner status are eligible to take Raphaology Practicums 1 & 2.