Herbal Preparations, Elements, Energy, and Body Work

​Course three provides hands on training in the preparation and manufacture of herbal salves, ointments, creams, balms, liquid soaps and lotions, facial scrub, tooth powder, deodorant, body oils, bath salts, mouthwash, bug repellent, poultices, boluses, liniments, cleaning products, and common products often found in your kitchen for soothing, revitalizing, and healing. Students also learn how to make and apply plasters for drawing fluids, acids, and toxins out of the body through the skin, and how to use herbal ear candles for infections, inflammation, allergens and excess ear wax. The purpose and potential of messenger animals, crystals and stones, pendulum work for deeper knowing, and creating conscious thoughts instead of thoughts creating you are experienced, including their application in daily life. Supplies for affecting, commanding, and extending longevity through drawing Universal Geometric harmonics and symbols are provided for hands-on experience. Phenomenal overtures and training for why and how to transfer healing energy by touch to establish flow, unblocking stagnations, and re-establishing circulation and life force into and around the body with Peak Energy Awareness Kinetics (P.E.A.K.) Therapy. Gain knowledge and skill in extra-sensory powers, intuition and energy work, culminating in the ability to manifest and re-design your reality through understanding wave and particle patterns, electro-magnetics, and yourself as a light being able to use the commands of Creation with universal keys.

Course 3  Donation: $1,000.00