Ancient Healing Arts with Rhythm, Movement, Sound & Color

Perhaps the most elemental and controversial course in the series, course 4 introduces curriculum in tonal frequencies, indigenous musical rhythms, animal and earth elements, specialized movements, full spectrum light in all its aspects, and inner imagery with guided meditation to achieve integration and mastery of time and space. Experience altered states of being and intentional healing therapies with sacred plants and medicinal alcohols. Find out if you have what it takes to remote view, telepathically communicate, and tell-a-vision. Uncover individual abilities and life purposes through revitalized language, ancient symbols, and group questing. Learn to recognize deceits and illusions, and how to move through dimensional reality. See how you can channel intention with tacheon energies to manifest or change physical form. Undergo a fascinating study of extra-terrestrial and inter-racial genetic capabilities and find how to release or integrate their innate potentials into your life. Discover Rife’s Ray Machine that kills cancer cells, Reich’s Orgone energy that manifests healing miracles, and Jenny’s Cymatics, that demonstrates how frequencies cause form. Uncover the dangers of hormone replacement therapy, and develop breath as light waves. Learn the his-story and my-story of creation according to tribal nations juxtaposed with current science, religion, and industry and how they affect modern conditions, customs, and health. Gain a complete understanding of the use and purpose of electrical waves and magnetic fields and their effects on living forms and functions. Ultimately this course is intended to address fears, change perception, cause you to experience reality in a more meaningful and knowledgeable way, and tap into your ability for using personal manifestation and excitement for higher levels of “serious fun” and life potential.

Course 4 Donation: $900.00