Advanced Healing with Inter-Cultural Food

Course five is the don’t-miss food experience of a lifetime for the body, mind and spirit. Founded in “we become what we assimilate”, learn all they ways we take in nutrition, and all the foods that break addictions, neutralize acids and toxins, calm anger and aggressiveness, fuel hormone production, boost the immune system, improve digestion, reverse aging, and increase intelligence and sexuality. This course offers the most inspirational and touching curriculum on the secret life of plants, and how their consumption reminds us of our true purpose and complete potential. Learn Raphaology Foods that totally satisfy the eye, pallet, and body by taste and by their beneficial properties. Prepare and eat multi-cultural meals, make bean and nut milks and cheeses, sprout seeds, bake bread and crackers, use seaweeds and kelps, marinate and jerk bison, demystify wine and learn what food to pair it with, blend ingredients for storable bulk wet and dry mixes for use as needed, “peak” your family recipes, and uncover how to substitute poor quality ingredients with super foods. Along with all that, an in-depth study of fake-foods, poison-disguised foods, and why to avoid other so-called foods ranks this course top in popularity. Everything you ever wanted to know about fats and oils, organic versus genetically modified foods, the differences between animal and plant proteins, how lettuce and greens differ, lactose-intolerance and digestibility of cow’s milk and cheese, the truth about gluten, do’s and don’ts of tofu, and why canola oil kills nerve cells and how trans-fats may kill you. Couple this with a fascinating exploration of the eyes and what their color, clarity, and irregularities tell you about your body’s internal conditions, and add everything your dentist doesn’t want you to know about how teeth are really structured and the way each one is linked with a corresponding organ and you get the most great tasting, fun making, and immune optimizing bunch of information and hands on expertise ever found.

Course 5 Donation: $1,000.00