Indigenous, Civil, International Law, & Tribal Rites and Shamanism

​In course six you enter the exciting and phenomenal world of natural, ancient, and modern tribal and indigenous medicines, where the body and soul are studied with emphasis on shamanism; the practice of life re-entry. Explore your awareness, the meaning of life, death, reality, sexuality, purpose, creation, and where we came from. Discover your true heritage, legal status, and innate or permitted rights as they relate to personal freedoms. Learn what money is and where it came from, the real story of the civil war, the right to tax, and what are implied contracts, birth certificates, and statutory codes. Learn of a true nation, forming in each of our hearts as the photons and planets converge in this magical age, bringing the ease of thought into material manifestation, and those of like minds together. Search the annuls of time and space while in an alpha state to find indigenous rites and plants that connect us to other forms of self and consciousness. See if you have what it takes to claim your innate truth, free yourself of bondage, and create the future of your dreams. Receive the ability to recognize energy patterns and life forces of multi-dimensional beings through symbolic body art, meditation, and intuition. Get introduced to indigenous cultural practices and spirit medicines with an eye toward developing the practitioner’s ability and confidence as a visiting medicine man or woman in foreign lands.

Course 6 Donation: $900.00