Concentrated Healing Elements, Techniques, and MasteryDoctor of RAPHAOLOGY®

Medicine Degree

Part one of Course 7 panders to what was acceptable in yesteryear versus what is customary today – how time and information change beliefs and judgments. Here it is exposed that antibiotics, the old panacea for all ills, are now failing us and why and how plant essential oils are coming to rescue us from staph, Candida, anthrax, pneumonia, Salmonella, E-coli, tuberculosis, and a host of other infectious pathogens. There is a deeper immersion into interpreting medical test results, why scars form, and prescription drugs; their harmful side-effects and how to wean off of them, what herbs are contraindicated by which drugs, and which herbs can be used to replace them. Medical equipment provided for becoming fully expert in Otiscoping ears, taking heart rate and blood pressure, setting bones, wrapping sprains, and administering natural emergency therapies and first aid. Receive fascinating knowledge about the role intestinal culture plays in brain dis-orders, and become proficient in the terms commonly used by healers and doctors alike. Learn the story of the sexes, the timetable of the ancient world, and the difference between colored and colorless man. In the second part of this course a written doctoral thesis and oral presentation is submitted by participating students. The finer points of self expression, how to let go of fears, past stresses and traumas, genetic programming, and conditioned learning are addressed as preparation for this process in support of the knowledge and experiential application of Raphaology curriculum. In depth study of self-healing being the accountability of the one being healed, and not taking on the needs or anxieties of patrons. Gain the abilities to write, lecture, and present professional experiences as a teacher or professor with ease. Learn how to post legal notices of intent, how to secure your right to practice, and the international laws governing doctor/patient relationships. 

Course 7 Donation: $1,200.00

Course costs include meals, curriculum, and all materials.