Foundational Hands-On Training

Mini-Session Technique with I.D.Therapy

Whether you are a beginner in the health field, just starting to work with people, or a pro wanting a short and effective “mini-session” as a great way to introduce people to self-healing, this 1/2 day Foundational Hands-On Training covers all the basics, focusing on:

  • Sweet-Spot
  • Colors
  • Herbs
  • Foods

Sweet-SpotThe “sweet-spot” technique is the basis for all Raphaology hands-on practices. This training is a focused protocol using the arch of the foot — the “sweet-spot” is where the spine, spinal cord, and back muscles can be accessed. It is here that the delicate nerve bundles of communication flow from the brain and down into and throughout the body. In the arch of the foot, a “sweet-spot” touch connects with the nerve paths of the spinal cord and downloads the highway of information that indicates what is needed from every body system, organ, and gland, and the resources required to begin healing or enhance reduced function.

Mini-SessionUsing only the sweet-spot, without other foot geography, the mini-session is the protocol to exclusively test colors, herbs, and foods. This protocol provides a quick, easy, and very effective mini-session that quickly reveals the missing light spectrums, leading you to the herbs that are needed to begin repairing and restoring, and the foods to boost every healing process. The mini-session:

• Can be completed in a simple 10 minute demo, or become a short session• Gives introductory access to body awareness• Includes the use of the sweet-spot alone• Reveals where to start in the healing process• Creates an effective and individualized process

Why Take This Training?This is foundational for the practice of Raphaology Medicine, introducing the initial aspects of Interactive Determination (I.D.) Therapy. If you simply want to assist family and friends, begin a practice, or sharpen your existing skills, take this training to:

• Learn/review basic techniques for how to test the body• Start empowering other’s into their self-healing• Begin a practice after Course 1 Part B using this introductory technique• Build confidence and self-trust• Learn or improve sweet-spot technique• Learn effective “mini-session” protocol• Get Trade Show or Expo demo material

What the Training IncludesThis is a half-day class that provides written materials, hands-on instruction, and one-on-one guidance to empower you as a beginner, or support your growth as a current Raphaology Practitioner. The training includes a new protocol for offering mini-sessions for family or friends, reporting your experience and findings, and gives support with answers to questions, strengthening weak areas, and enhancing the integration of Course materials with hands-on contact.

Required Training for New Raphaology PractitionersIf you want to become a Practitioner of Raphaology, this new training includes a mini-session protocol plus homework that is required for entrance into the Practicums, which teach full-session protocols. It includes techniques, tips, and materials that will inspire, guide, and provide you with all you need to start assisting others with self-healing.

For current Raphaology Practitioners, this training is a great review, including inspirational guidance that may provide what may be missing from your experience, and will give you an added boost of confidence and provide support pieces for building your successful practice.

Foundational Hands-On Training

Donation: $250.00