Congratulations on choosing to take accountability for your health. You are among the few, the brave, the elite. This pioneering, self-healing system of Raphaology® combines raw, whole plant Herbs (phytonutrients) and organic Foods (nutraceuticals) to produce amazing results:

Each One of Us is Different

Some people start their healing process by experiencing great energy, less pain, better sleep, and improved digestion, while others begin with detoxification, lower energy, rash, headache, or even a “healing crisis” where toxins leave quickly (yeah!). Your body will tell you which one you are.

How to get There – 6 Week Plan

Follow this Step-By-Step Plan for each week until your next session.

Here’s where we’re going:

Our path is to establish new habits that will produce health: feeling great, lots of energy, clear thinking, great sleep, good digestion and elimination, and stronger immunity. Using the method of combining healing plants with nourishing foods is the way to get there.

The goal:

Our goal is to heal the underlying causes of symptoms. When what’s causing the symptoms is repaired and function is restored, the symptoms are naturally eliminated. Conventional medicine ONLY treats symptoms, while perpetuating the underlying cause. Our aim is to use only organic, high enzyme foods and healing herbs while eliminating toxins, acids, and drugs – it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there, we’ll get there.

Take ownership of your Food:

Try shopping for food on Saturday or Sunday, and creating a “food preparation” day to get ready for the coming week to support your efforts and for convenience:

  • Pre-cut fruits and vegetables and store in glass ware in the fridge to have at the ready.
  • Pre-make salad dressings and store in a glass jar in the fridge to have at the ready.
  • Cook casseroles in bulk, portion them out into the freezer, and thaw then heat as needed.
  • Have healthy snacks ready: raw organic nuts, dried organic fruits, bison jerky, cut fruit or vegetables, and raw organic food bars (with ingredients from the Peak Frequency Foods list)
  • Carry a cooler of food with you so you’ll have the right food and don’t get stuck eating the wrong food

It’s OK to:

  • Run out of supplements before the next session, BUT don’t run out of B-Complex (if you’re taking it), B-Complex is water soluble and is exhausted quickly from your body – it’s the only supplement you need to take continually.
  • Stop the supplements if you’re having a healing crisis or if detoxification is too much (headache, rash, diarrhea, etc.) and stay off the supplements for 24 – 48 hours. Then start again at half dose for 2-3 days, then resume full dose.
  • Love yourself, give yourself permission to take it easy, and stop over-thinking!

What to Expect While you’re Self-Healing

As you start this amazingly beneficial lifestyle, you are breaking old patterns of dis-ease, and creating new habits of ease – go slow, it’s a lot of new changes and information to take in. Your new habits will form organically, especially as you feel the healthy changes taking place. Everyone goes through them differently. Don’t be surprised if you experience any one of the following types of effects as you begin the herbal process:

  • You feel better than you’ve felt in a long time
  • You feel no big difference but notice one or two subtle changes in sleep, focus, or digestion, etc.
  • You begin to exhibit small symptoms of detoxifying; headache, rash, bloating, or itching that come and go
  • You have a healing crisis in which you feel like you have the flu, a cold, or bloating and pain – don’t panic – it’s just the toxins coming out.
    • If you can push through it, the “sick” feeling may last only a few hours or days, keep going as best you can
    • If you really feel like you need a break, stop the supplements for 24 – 48 hours (except for B-Complex), and then begin again at half dosage for 1-2 days, and then resume full dosage.

Don’t Forget:

  • Explore this website for support information as a newbie.
  • Consult your Peak Frequency Foods List for other great tasting and nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, dairy, sugars, and other delightful ingredients.
  • Check your About Foods document to see what foods to avoid, what proteins are best, and how to use fats/oils.
  • Consult your Food Conversion Chart to get specific on replacing acidic, toxic foods from your old life-style with Peak Frequency Foods.
  • Consult your Colors, Organs, Herbs, & Foods Chart to learn how to support specific parts of your body.
  • You are now part of a healing team, using age-old, time-tested foods and herbs that have already worked for millions of people across the eons of time.
  • We can do this together!

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