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By Momma Wolf


Tips to Handle Emergencies while Traveling

Like the old saying “When you are prepared for anything to happen – nothing happens” and when traveling, we all like nothing better than for nothing BAD to happen, so be prepared. The following symptoms and their natural antidote are time tested for efficacy, and are simple, inexpensive (especially compared to an emergency room hospital visit) and can all be performed on the spot for immediate relief. Take this handy list with you and go fearless into vacation. Any or all of the suggested ingredients can be applied to any given incident as needed:


Thyme, ABF, Red Potato (raw or potato water)
Thyme – 30 drops every 30 minutes for 3 hours
ABF – 30 drops every 30 minutes for 3 hours
Red potatoes, eat raw or make potato water


Chamomile, Olive oil, Tea Tree Oil, aloe vera
Chamomile 30 drops every hour for 6 hours
Chamomile essential oil and olive oil (equal parts), topically applied as needed
Aloe vera gel, topically applied to soothe and dry

aloe vera


Raw Honey, Aloe Vera (with Noni is best), St. John’s Wort
Apply directly on skin for chemical, fire, or water burn (best if a clean natural cloth is placed over burn and honey is repeatedly applied to burn and then covered with another clean cloth or wrapping. Original cloth is not removed until burn is healed)

backyard honey raw

Sun Burn

Aloe vera directly on skin for sun or carpet/rope burn
St. John’s wort or Noni can be added to aloe vera and/or raw honey for more serious burns


Thyme extract or tea, kills bacteria so the body doesn’t need to create a fever to kill it.
Tea: 1 cup every 1-2 hours.
Extract: 10 drops every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

girl taking temperature

Food Poisoning

TNF, Goat Milk, Sarsaparilla
TNF 30 drops every ½ hour for 4-6 hours, then 30 drops hourly 6-8 hours
Sarsaparilla 30 drops every ½ hour for 4-6 hours, then 30 drops hourly 6-8 hours
Goat milk ½ cup sipped slowly, repeated as needed


Real Salt, Red wine vinegar, lemon juice, white willow bark
Real Salt, ¼ teaspoon, in ½ cup water
Red wine vinegar or lemon juice, 1 tablespoon, chased by ½ cup water (repeat in 15 minutes if not dissipated)
White willow bark 60 drops every ½ hour as needed

Real Salt

Acid Indigestion

Chamomile, goat milk, Colloidal silver, Food Grade hydrogen peroxide, Baking soda
Chamomile, 50-60 drops, repeated as necessary
Goat milk, ½ cup, repeat if necessary
Colloidal silver, 2-4 tablespoons, repeat if necessary
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 drop in ½ cup water
Baking soda, ½ – 1 teaspoon in ½ cup water, repeat if necessary

Insect Bite

Tea Tree oil, Raw honey, TNF
Tea tree oil, topically on insect bite, repeat as necessary
Raw honey, topically on bee sting (will withdraw stinger if left on)
TNF, 30 drops hourly, for 2-4 hours, or 60 drops every 15 minutes if allergic reaction occurs, repeated as necessary, apply 3-5 drops topically to the local area

Snake bite

(if poisonous) – Sarsaparilla
80-120 drops internally, repeated every 15-30 minutes for 2-4 hours, depending on amount of venom injected


Lavender essential oil, Ice, Arnica gel
Lavender oil topically on and around sprain to reduce trauma and calm area (repeated as necessary
Ice to reduce swelling and reduce heat in area
Arnica gel applied topically on area of impact to break up blood and reduce bruising.
If skin is not broken open, mix witch hazel astringent (liquid) with powdered Alum to make a paste and apply to swollen area to withdraw fluids in tissues

bruise on leg

Motion sickness

Rosemary essential oil, one drop under tongue, once or repeatedly to reduce sickness, or applied to back of neck and on temples to increase alertness.

Jet Lag

Ginger essential oil, one drop on tongue applied hourly for every hour of flight,
or ginger extract – 1 drop for every hour of flight under the tongue.

Cramping or Swelling

Chamomile essential oil applied directly on skin over affected area, repeated as needed.

You may take up to 2 oz size bottles onto carry-on section, and make sure to check others on with luggage or you make be stopped and they may be confiscated.

April 8, 2023

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