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Are you ready to take charge of your health, your energy, and your joy?

Are you sick and tired of symptom treatment with no lasting results? And what about your chronic Low Energy, Digestive Issues, Back Pain, High Stress, and Sleeping Problems – don’t you want a real answer? I’m a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist with a unique system of healing called Raphaology that provides real solutions to reverse Root Causes. Join the thousands of people who’ve applied this book’s programs and get off the symptom train. 

Together we’ll get you living the healthy, happy life you deserve.

Meet the Face of Raphaology

Raphaology is a success story born out of self-healing life threatening illness and the empowering knowledge and indigenous heritage that came as the result. Momma Wolf, a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist, has helped thousands self-heal for more than 30 years. She passes along her life changing knowledge through exciting and empowering courses and programs that contain the secrets and resources for practical healing using nature’s foods and herbs. Read more about her story…

  What is Raphaology

Raphaology is created from medicine found in nature, and developed from world-sourced indigenous “cures”. It’s a unique healing system that blends the ancient know-how of Red Man, Viking, Incan, Egyptian, and Asian modalities with modern state-of-the-art therapy. Raphaology uses the body as the natural device for detecting dis-ease and applying native medicines and spectrum foods to produce amazingly effective physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Healing herbs bunchesm hessian bags with dried plants and cup of healthy tea. Herbal medicine.


Whole plant phytoceuticals containing the healing elements to regenerate cellular damage and restore depletions that produce natural health and well-being.


Super enzyme and nutrient dense fuel with mega bioavailability to boost digestion, hormones, and every body function.

ID Therapy 

Interactive nerve path system to determine the specific imbalances that cause dis-ease, and what is needed to restore complete health.

Color Therapy

Light spectrum frequencies that indicate vibrational imbalances and what’s needed to rebalance them to restore health.

Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

Finally, a practical and common sense approach to changing your life for the better, starting right inside your body and beginning with remedies that may already be inside your home. Get empowering info to make your life easier and healthier:

What to Take out of and Put into your home Foods to help Prevent Dis-ease How to Neutralize Infections Common Ailments and Natural Remedies

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Benefits of Learning Raphaology

Knowing how to self-heal may be the most important knowledge you can posses. Wouldn’t you like to avoid the doctor’s office and emergency room forever? The benefits of knowing what, how and when to use Native Medicine are applicable in nearly every health situation. Imagine yourself feeling a cold or flu coming on. With Native Medicine knowledge under your belt you spring into action…

  • Put on a pot of Horsetail or Chamomile tea
  • Take the right doses of Thyme tincture
  • Supplement with vitamins C and B-complex
  • Gargle with Real Salt water
  • Apply Tea Tree essential oil to your throat

YOU have just neutralized the bacteria growing within and given your body the resources that activated a powerful immune response. You rest easy knowing you warded off the same cold that your co-workers are going to be down with for weeks, and you will sleep like a baby tonight while others will be woken with coughing, sniffles, and body aches. 

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Take a Raphaology Healing Course

The power to PREVENT and CURE any dis-ease 

is not in the hands of doctors and drugs.

The REAL power belongs to YOU!

YOUR BODY IS ITS OWN DOCTOR. Regardless of age, genetics, or state of health, every human body contains the intelligence and power to repair, rebuild, and restore itself with the choice of herbs over drugs.

Raphaology Healing Courses provide information that allows you to tap into your cellular intelligence  and inherent ability to:

  · REPAIR damage on the cellular level

  · BALANCE digestion, hormones and energy

  · BOOST function in organs and systems

  · REGENERATE your health, immunity, youth, strength, and longevity

Stimulate your body’s automatic response to nature’s medicine for preventing and healing every dis-ease condition – from indigestion, allergies, and obesity, to diabetes, tumors, and heart dis-ease.

Don’t let the dis-ease-care system continue to treat your symptoms and ignore what’s causing them, YOU can remedy the underlying problems, and truly be the cure. Take charge of your health with Raphaology Native Medicine today.