Liquid herbs are easier to swallow, better digested, and faster utilized than pills or capsules, Fluid extracts are more concetrated and can be taken by adults and children. Follow these easy instructions and you may experience beneficial results in 1-3 days after starting on a Peak Frequency Plant Therapy, twice daily plan (most effective when taken with food). Beneficial results often produce detoxification, which may have symptoms that appear the same as “getting sick”, including rash, headache, body aches, tiredness, or bloating.

  • Glycerin based herbs tend to be sweet and are usually pleasant to the taste, especially where children are concerned.
  • Alcohol based herbs are stronger and slightly bitter or tart tasting
  1. All herbal extracts are strained thoroughly, but tiny particles remain in the extracted fluid and tend to settle at the bottom and must therefore be shaken before each use.
  2. Most herbs can be taken in amounts of 10-15 drops twice daily, with food; breakfast and dinner are suggested. Little ones under 7 take half adult dose, and wee ones under 2 take half of that.
  3. B-Complex vitamins are suggested in amounts of 30-60 drops twice daily, taken along with food, and
  4. can be taken in higher amounts in the event of stress or acidity. B vitamins are water soluble and excess is easily eliminated.

  5. All herbs can be combined into a single glass with water, juice, or herbal tea before drinking, or dropped directly into mouth.
  6. Do not take herbs before bed (except hops or sleep deeper) as they tend to be stimulating and may keep you awake.
  7. In cases of urgent or critical illness herbs may be taken hourly.


  • Always consult your doctor or health care professional before taking any supplements.
  • Be informed on the herbal products you take.
  • Always pay attention to warnings and contra-indications with pharmaceutical drugs and/or other supplements you may already be taking.
  • Discontinue use if healing crisis occurs; indicated by frequent diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, rashes, or persistent headaches.
  • Detoxification and expulsion of stored/rancid compounds producing uncomfortable and dis-ease-like symptoms are expected with the use of high quality products in order to
  • remove the causes of dis-ease and restore health and vitality.
  • If pregnant or nursing, consult health care provider before using any food supplements.