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Mission Statement

Aimed at serving the growing trend toward natural health and healing, our goal is to be the leading provider of  whole plant based health care products from primarily wild-crafted sources on the internet, delivering truly therapeutic results to individuals worldwide.

How Herbs Work

The human body is an organic, natural, health seeking, automatic repairing mechanism that will always choose ease over dis-ease, and is capable of replacing stored inferior products with superior elements. We can see skin repair as proof of the body’s ability to heal, and so can internal tissues. When we supply the body with energy infused, healthful, high caliber herbal elements our bodies can do what they are created to do; heal and sustain vital energy. The human body is created of cells of all types: tissue, bone, muscle, organ, hair, etc. More than that, the body is electro-magnetic in nature. Overall the body is a living, energetic miracle! If you take into consideration that we each started out as a single cell which divided into two, then four, and so on, did you ever stop to wonder how the division of all those cells knew to separate into the individual forms and features of our body? Or that each individual body cell contains enough information to totally reproduce you in your entirety? The answer is that every cell is loaded with information, intelligence, and living energy. Each and every cell knows what it is doing, and how to do it. If the body‟s cells know how to create its self, it certainly knows how to heal its self. This is evidenced every time your skin heals from a cut, burn, break, bruise or rash. Just as skin tissues prove on a daily basis that they repair damage, this same healing ability takes place within internal cells of organs, bones, and nerves. Supporting our body’s intelligence with plant based properties can give us immunity to every dis-ease, and provides and restores the ability to heal from every dis-ease. All we have to do is supply the botanical tools to do it with.

Organic Bodies Require Organic Therapies to Heal

By Jonathan: Thunder; Wolf & Morning: Spirit: Wolf
Professors and Doctors of Raphaology Medicine

Each individual cell in our body is affected by light. Our eyes see by it, our hormones are made from it, our organs are fueled by it, and our emotions are affected by it.. Light and our relationship to it is virtually the most organic, sophisticated connection that exists. Our relationship with light gives us the ability to heal from any dis-ease and have permanent immunity to every dis-ease. Through light we can allow our emotions to move through us, unblocking stagnancies as it goes and connecting us to every other living being. As light is fully integrated with us we feel the potential of universal information flowing through us. By utilizing this relationship with light in our daily lives we stop living in separation and lack and start living our full potential. Beyond the potential life force energy moving through you, you realize that potential force is you! Raphaology; the study and practice of RA– meaning the ability of bringing a planet to its peak frequency as a sun, and PHA– meaning the knowledge of bringing light to all matter, is the revitalized art of healing with colors, herbs, and foods. The applications of this combination of ancient healing arts offer the return of light to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body of every living individual, allowing pure crystallized light energy to integrate with physical matter for the purest and most peak healing available.

 Herbs are plants that repair damage and
 Foods are plants that boost function

The Power of Glycerin Extracted Herbs

By Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf-D.R.M. & Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M.

One of the key elements in “good old fashioned” agriculture is to allow the plants their necessary measure of sunlight required to be fully matured and developed in quality, taste, enzyme level, and nutrients. Research shows that each plant reaches out to absorb specific lights from the color spectrum of sunlight. Certain plants are only interested in the red spectrum, while other plants reach out for violet, yellow or orange, etc. We have collected the peak performing plants that posses all the various and specific colors of the sun which enable our herbal medicines to repair damage and completely restore function to every light deficient gland, organ, and system of the human body. Since the beginning of the „70‟s our herbal research throughout Europe, the north American continent, Indian rain forests, and other indigenous lands has taught us many ways to produce different forms of herbal medicine. Because our main interest has been in peak healing results, we have conducted exhaustive trials with many forms and varieties of herbs from rain forests, farmlands, deserts, mountains, and river bottoms, etc. We have also researched many forms in which they can be used; capsules, teas, alcohol and vinegar based tinctures, syrups, herbal baths, suppositories, and oils to name a few. We have found that all of them have their own place in natural healing, but one method of preparation stands out more than any other. It is more deeply healing, has faster results, and neutralizes more body toxins. The herbal preparation we choose over all others is cold extraction in pure vegetable glycerin oil. Glycerin is the sugars derived from pure vegetable oils; a concentrate of a concentrate. It is one of the strongest preservative in nature and is milder on the digestive system than either alcohol or vinegar tinctures. As the body needs nutrients, it doesn‟t reach out directly for vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, or proteins separately, but for the full light frequency those different substances carry. We literally live on light, not matter. Glycerin has the remarkable ability to assimilate and hold the full spectrum of sunlight from plants that no other extractive product can offer. Dr. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize recipient in medicine, demonstrated that living cells can be kept alive indefinitely under specific circumstances. Dr. Carrel said, “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. As far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.” The fluid in which cells float is cellular water composed of liquid crystals. When this fluid is deficient in crystal light the cell begins a death process by keeping toxic substances inside the cells, which damages the cell itself. We find the regenerative properties of herbs cold extracted in vegetable glycerin to be unsurpassed in preserving, boosting, and enhancing life force factors. Our experience has produced the result that herbal extractions performed in vegetable glycerin carry a high amount of activated Somatids; tiny “light” bodies found in abundance in healthy organisms; Somatids are the precursors to DNA and may actually be the “life force”. Activated Somatids are actually carriers of enormous amounts of light into the cells. Remarkably enough, our findings also indicate that the levels of peak frequency light, including Somatids, are constantly growing in the herbs extracted in vegetable glycerin. So our extracts actually contain more healing properties than the freshly cut herb possesses on its own. During the course of our research we found glycerin extracts to be used by indigenous peoples of early north and south American, European, and Island cultures. In first using that method of extracting we immediately found better, faster results. Now we have developed herbal therapies for single herbs and herbal combinations, cold extracted in pure vegetable glycerin, to create a team frequency that is many times stronger than their individual components. We find those plant frequencies, when teamed together have more remarkable healing power than any other form of herbal preparation.