Thousands call her Momma Wolf who enjoy her motherly and nurturing character, and cherish her skills as a Master Herbalist and Nutritionist. She is an accomplished healing practitioner, herbal supplement formulator, author, professor, and sustainability activist with a global education and over 30 years of experience to back it up. As part of her education, Momma Wolf has been privileged to learn the secrets of indigenous plant-based medicine from tribal shaman, kuranderos, and ancient healers, and has made it her life’s mission to share sacred and long-lost knowledge with humanity.

Her quest for self-healing started when she was seventeen, and woke up one morning with most of the hair that was on her head, laying on the pillow. What soon followed was a diagnosis of renal failure, and a host of other life threatening conditions that precede kidney failure, including bursitis and liver cancer. After many years of trials, drugs, surgeries, and eventual failure, the medical system had nothing left to offer her – it was save-herself-or-die. Momma Wolf chose self-healing, which put her on the path to herbs and nutrition through her deceased husband, Jonathan: Thunder: Wolf, and from the indigenous healing cultures of the world.

Momma Wolf uses a system of Raphaology Native Medicine she and her late husband founded to help people recover total health with a drugless approach and non invasive procedures. She is dedicated to teaching disease prevention, empowering the inner doctor we each possess, and to spreading knowledge about the role of herbs and nutrition in maximizing health – no matter the stage of disease.

Momma Wolf

She holds an honorary degree as a Doctor of Raphaology Medicine from the Washitaw Wisdom College, of the Tribal Nation of Washitaw. She additionally holds a Doctoral Degree in Raphaology Medicine from the United Nations University of Ancient Knowledge as a result of the Courses and Curriculum she and her late husband developed and presented to the United Nations. The European U.N. programme to ensure the Universal Rights of Indigenous Peoples was the forum that hosted their prestigious healing system debut, and was included in the ensuing UN Decade of Indigenous People.

She is the founder of College of Raphaology Medicine, and Universal College of Indigenous Medicine, and a co-founder of Soil Pharm – a top-soil regenerating project that is based in Red Worm farming. Momma Wolf has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, and is a favored preparedness expo presenter. She is the alchemist of more than 200 amazingly effective herbal formulas and body and skin care products, and is always in her “herbatory” creating new remedies to fill the need for comfort, pain relief, pathogen prevention and elimination and cellular reparation and restoration.

On a private note, Momma Wolf has a passion for cooking, silly games, sprouting, cheese making, organic farming, animals, the human condition, stones, books, elements, eco-villages, and red worms. She loves her kids and grandkids like a crazy lady, and has been accused of being addicted to aliens, time travel theory, and the color red.

Invite Momma Wolf to Speak at Your Event

Momma Wolf is a motivational, warm witted, and gifted speaker who presents on wide ranges of topics including: herb and food based health and healing; women’s health; children’s health; first aid; relationships; emotional and mental causes of ill-health and how-to heal with native medicine; soil health regeneration; creating eco-friendly environments; intentional and conscious communities; and herbal, shamanic, and indigenous medicine.

Momma Wolf captivates her audiences with humor, intelligence, and a unique blend of information, wisdom, and stories that inform, engage, and delight listeners. Her lectures are for those who want to make changes toward authentic health care, in their own lives – or those of their patients, and positive changes in the world. She creates meaningful, lively keynotes, and inspiring, interactive classes and intensives. Every class is fresh and tailored to your unique audience’s needs.

Momma Wolf speaks at:

Women’s conferences

Universities and medical schools

Preparedness expos and events

Alternative Health conferences

Natural health expos and events

Community & Sustainable living events

Soil Restoration & Sustainable Agriculture even​ts

Healing & Meditative Retreats


Indigenous medicine conferences

Herbal medicine conferences

Book Cl​ubs

And has presented to:

Bio-Abundant Farming Conference
Eco-Village Summit
Inter-Tribal Bison council
New Leaf Market/Santa Cruz Community Health events
Rainbow Tribal Conference
Sovereignty Systems
The Learning Gardens
United Nations University of Ancient Knowledge
Universal College of Indigenous Medicine
Preparedness Expo
Washitaw De Dugdamoundya Nation

And has presented with:

Bruce Lipton, PhD.
Rick Knoll, PhD.
Radio Talk Show Hosts
Empress Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw Turner Goston El Bey