Practitioner Training and Support

These courses and trainings are designed to teach and master the full Raphaology session and take those interested to Certification as a Raphaology Practitioner (CRP) and a Doctor of Raphaology Medicine (DRM). The process begins with the Foundational Hands-On Training, completed in 2 parts when mastery of the Mini-Session is achieved as a certified Foundational Raphaology Practitioner (FRP), through the extensive foot mapping process and customized testing set forth in Raphaology Practicums that fulfill requirements for practicing as a Certified Raphaology Practitioner (CRP).

Foundational Hands-On Training   Training $250 (includes parts 1 and 2)This two-part training is chock full of foundational information from nurturing yourself, higher self-accountability, staying in your own healing process, supporting self-healing for your patrons, and community building.

Part 1

A full 7 hour course teaches the Mini-Session, using the Sweet-Spot method, and includes the meaning of and testing for colors, herbs, and foods. You’ll receive 3 hours of course instruction with a meal break, and then 4 hours of hands-on practice with supervised coaching. Training attendance, participation, and Homework or required to be fulfilled to move to on part 2 and certification.

Part 2

After Homework requirements are completed, turned in, and reviewed, your attendance and participation is required at a second Foundational Hands-On Training where you will mentor beginners, demonstrate your skills and confidence, and pass interviews for proficiency to receive certification.                                                                              – Certification $500 –

Requisites for Moving on to Practicum #1

With the foregoing complete, and certification as FRP in hand, you are eligible to move on to becoming a Certified Raphaology Practitioner (CRP). You may become a CRP after:* Completing Raphaology Courses 1 and 2* Attending 2 of the 3 Practicums* Completing Practicum homework* Fulfilling intern hours* Participating in teleconferences and coaching sessions* Becoming a mentor to a Foundational Raphaology Practitioner candidate


These practical and experiential courses teach you how work with family and friends as patrons, how to hone your skills and confidence as a healing facilitator, how to stay in your own healing process, and get supported in your new or expanding healing practice

A light peak meal is included in each program from 11 am – 6 pmAttendance at Raphaology Courses 1 and 2, plus completing all requirements as a Certified Foundational Practitioner (FRP) are required before becoming eligible to attend PracticumsPracticum’s 1 and 2 are intensive immersions into the practitioner standing and are required to become a Certified Raphaology Practitioner (CRP)Each practicum consists of 7 hours of training curriculum, practical application, and mealsCompletion and Certification require 20 hours of Practicums, 20 hours of Internship with a DRM, demonstrations of proficiency, and licensing authorizationPracticum Trainings $350.00 each

Practicum #1 Interactive Determination Therapy TM (I.D. Therapy) – The FootThis hands-on practice time is an in-depth training of the geography of the feet, including foot mapping using Interactive Determination Therapy. You’ll get practical tips for approach, technique and ease of location for corresponding organs. Dr Wolf teaches the meaning of sensations, developing sensitivity to nerve responses, and interactions with patrons. This practicum is great for both new practitioners who have completed level one or as a great “brush up” and “re-connection” to the wonderful layers of learning that is offered in a training environment. A Peak Frequency meal will be provided with the day.

Practicum #2: Patron Intake, Herbs & Amounts, Boosting Foods, Color TherapyIndividual coaching and practice time is the focus for working on feet to deepen knowledge of I.D. Therapy and using the “sweet spot” for determining Colors, Herb selection and amounts, and Foods to support confidence and ease in sessions. Learn Dr Wolf’s patron intake process, plus a detailed immersion of the healer’s role, creating a “trust” relationship, interpreting nerve connection with organs, detoxification, pathogens, emotions and hormone balance, and damage. Immerse more deeply into the 7 Levels of Trauma, become proficient in presenting information to patrons, in handling questions, and in how to identify and what to do for healing crisis. Discuss networking with other healing modalities to support patron’s process. Also included is a section on how to support patron self-healing using economic approaches with teas, foods and essential oils, critical dis-ease protocols, support materials and more ….

Practicum #3: Raphaology Native Medicine- Herbs vs. PharmaceuticalsDr. Wolf teaches the herbal equivalents to pharmaceuticals, and the herbs that are contra-indicated by drugs. Learn ways to reclaim health for yourself and others through the elimination of pharmaceuticals. Understand drug side effects, their depletion of nutritional status, and how to counteract with vitamins. Learn what drugs can be eliminated quickly and the why-and-how process for drug weaning. Review detoxification channels, how to use natural remedies, and the proper supplements to use for differing digestive disorders. Learn cancer inhibiting foods, nutritional responses to allergies, anxiety, and depression, and practical tips for Peak Frequency Living. Delve deep and understand the cause and effects of synthetics versus whole food alternatives and become inspired to learn and teach the way out.

Practitioner Support

TeleconferencesTargeted at intensifying upcoming and current Practitioner knowledge and skill, Teleconferences come in 3 part series, delivering 2 quality hours of answers per session providing answers and explanations to the questions submitted from each participant, including Practitioner’s case studies. Answers are explored from the experience and wisdom of Morning: Spirit: Wolf-D.R.M. who shares the what, how, when, and why’s of healing using Raphaology Native Medicine herbs, foods, essential oils, protocols, negative emotion and thought root disturbances, causal energy, and therapeutic support for patrons. The extensive and information rich content are truly uplifting, empowering, and awe-inspiring aspects of healing, dis-ease prevention, and tradition breaking protocols Phone in date, time, conference number, and pass codes are provided with confirmation of attendance and donation, which provides post teleconference recording$60.00 each or $150 per package of 3Auditing Auditing is offered as review and expansion to those having previously attended a Raphaology Course or Practicum. With the wealth of information that is covered in each Course Level and Practicum, auditing is highly recommended to layer in deeper understanding, update what you knew then with what you know now, and get motivated and inspired by reacquainting yourself with the materials, protocols, and people of Raphaology. Auditing is a true value in building confidence, increasing ability to explain elements, and re-familiarizing you with foundational information from which to expand poise, abilities, and excitement. Included is the full 20 hours of lecture for Course Part A or B, with participation in hands on application, delicious meals, and questions and answers. All you do is bring your existing curriculum and the previously provided tools. $150.00 per Part for Courses 1, 2, 4, and 6$250.00 per Part for Courses 3, 5, 7Practicum AuditIncluded in the Practicum audit is the full 7 hours of class, coaching, and hands on, peak meal, and questions and answers. Student brings their own materials, and they are required to have taken their initial Practicum within 18 months of audit. $120.00Practitioner Coaching with Dr. WolfWorking in Practitioner pairs under the supervision of Dr. Morning: Spirit: Wolf, experience a 3 hour coaching session that brings together the concepts, materials, and applications covered in Course 1, and Practicums 1 & 2. this coaching requires certification as an FRP and attendance at Practicums 1 & 2 to receive in-depth, hands-on exchange with colleagues is a real motivator and skill booster. You’ll be both patron and Practitioner as this coaching event facilitates questions and answers, going deeper into the refinement of testing techniques and interpretations, finessing abilities in testing colors and choosing herbs, ascribing foods, and finalizing the session that results in greater confidence and proficiency. For those ready to take it to the next level, broaden their expertise, and be able to take on new challenges, this coaching for Practitioners is designed for growth.$175.00Practicum CoachingCreated for more intimate and individual practice in small groups, these purely hands-on coaching sessions offer the opportunity for colleague-to-colleague interchange working with a seasoned Raphaology Practitioner and mentor in a 1-2 hour time frame. Accepting this opportunity will grow greater confidence, further your abilities, improve technique, deepen understanding, get questions answered, address challenges, and provide support during growth periods. You’ll come away feeling more satisfied, professional, and prepared to expand into your healing abilities with others. $50.00Post Practicum TeleconferenceAfter completing information packed Practicums 1 and 2, and having conducted a full Raphaology session to layer the class knowledge into hands-on experience, settle in for a 2 hour question and answer teleconference to finalize the merge. This phone session will explore your questions, challenges, and issues, assist you in finding your individual way, and endeavor to leave you feeling fulfilled, capable, supported, and confident. $50.00