Conscious Cordials

Conscious Cordials are sacred medicinal botanicals that support the integration of self-awareness, higher consciousness, and physical being. 

The lovingly handcrafted formulas assist in embodying layers of mystic consciousness into reality through aligning elemental and energetic frequencies. 

They are the gateway to experiencing states of expanded consciousness and awakening.

 Vegetarian, non-GMO, pesticide free, whole plant, organic ingredient products that joyfully nutrify the body, are sustainably sourced, and help to reduce our carbon footprint

 Conscious Cordials make a great addition to yoga, energy, journey, massage, or movement work as an enhancer to existing benefits.


Contra-Indications with Drugs

Nature’s botanicals contained in Conscious Cordials are powerful medicine and their interaction with prescription drugs may be contraindicated. Please read carefully and use caution when taking any Conscious Cordials products, especially: 

* Loving with blood pressure, blood clotting, and erectile dysfunction drugs

* Opening, Loving, Activating or Releasing with anti-depressant drugs

* Activating and Unifying with anti-angina drugs

* Loving, and Clarifying with diabetic drugs

* Opening with sedative or sleep inducing drugs

* Unifying with Digoxin, Lanoxin, and lithium drugs

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