New L.I.G.H.T. Therapy

  • Abundance may support connection and integration with who we are in relation to All That Is. Abundance may enhance ability to realize, receive, and create abundance in all of life's aspects. Its metaphysical properties may tap into innate powers of attraction, with phyto-energetics offering stability, opportunities, and resources, by retraining the brain, infusing the mind, and opening the potentials and possibilities for all that is wanted and needed to be available, attainable, and easily facilitated.
  • Limitless is formulated to work with the frequency carried by the dolphins - the animal that reminds us of our innate ability for limitless possibilities and abilities of brain activity, physical form and function, emotional expansion, creativity, and awarenesses. The combination of powerful herbs, berries, seeds, and roots may revitalize the mind, increase conscious awareness, and allow the insight and extra-sensory abilities for possibilities to exist without limitation.
  • Attuning with the bison, Manifesting may bring through innate abilities to materialize purpose and generate reality within the scope of physicality and beyond. The herbs of Manifesting may help tap into dormant wisdoms, experiences, and know-how as the foundation for implementing Clarity, Duration, and Passion, which may enable the bringing forth and creation matter. With the ability to decrease magnetics, increase electrical patterns, and unify fields of consciousness Manifesting may make it easy to create the wherewithal for fulfilling the scope of life and implementing the individual key to life we each possess.
  • Success may bring the abilities to create thoughts, reality, conditions, relationships, and joy through herbal tools that connect pituitary, pineal, and thyroid in new ways that may allow the visualization of passion, realizing peace, sharing enthusiasm, acting without limitation, seeing the future in dreams, and achieving the scope of potential, or getting the desires of the heart. Whatever success means to you, Success may bring it on by bringing it out with boundless success.


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