• Angelica may normalize and balance testicular and ovarian hormones (particularly the shared hormone progesterone) and reduce irritability, depression, and hormone related insomnia, while diminishing fears. Angelica contains magnesium, vitamin B-12, and vitamin E for the nervous system, and can be somewhat laxative.
  • Cloves may be more than mere parasite cleansing, providing elimination of parasite eggs, while conditioning digestive factors to recognize and escort many microscopic pathogens out through gastrointestinal elimination. A mild laxative, Cloves may cause better peristalsis, separation of fluid and fiber in the colon, ph balance, and pro-biotic microbes that speed healing. Used in conjunction with Black Walnut Hull extract and Wormwood combination,this trio may be unsurpassed at eliminating many of the flukes at the root of diabetes, arthritis, calcification, stones, cysts, fibroids, and tumor growth.


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