Course Briefs 1 – 7


Join the fun and excitement of taking accountability for health with empowering knowledge of how and why our bodies make hormones from sun’s light, which become fuel for organs and systems, balance for emotions, increased immunity and intelligence, and produce true healing.

Uncover how every dis-ease begins in the digestive system, why certain herbs repair damage, and what foods boost each function to obtain every missing nutrient.

Realize true potential as pathogens and their environment are eliminated to increase our ability of bringing body, mind, emotions, and spirit together with a unique curriculum and pioneering methods of determining root causes, what is needed for total healing, and how to keep stress from being a dis-ease factor.

Claim the doctor within and reclaim purpose and joy through the use and practice of Peak Frequency herbs, foods, light, relationships, and passion.

*Required for attendance at Foundational Hands-On Training

Donation: $900


food is medicine

Go deeper into the 4 main threats of life – bone and nerve deterioration, heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, and cancers, covering why, how, and what are the Peak Frequency responses to their prevention and healing.

Learn how drugs affect nutritional and physical degeneration, how to counteract deficiencies, and the use of natural resources for overcoming them.

The Raphaology Food Pyramid and Food Plans are introduced and explored, as well as the next level of Peak Frequency colors and foods (including alpha and lipoic acids and alkaline foods), and how can be used to erase toxins and dis-ease. Pregnancy, infant and child care, allergy relief, and male & female menopause specialties are approached from herbal and nutritional standpoints.

*Required for attendance at Practicums 1 & 2

Donation: $900


Receive hands on training of herbal salves, liquid soaps and lotions, tooth powder, deodorant, body oils, mouth wash, bug repellant, poultices, boluses, cleaning products, and common products found in your kitchen for healing. Learn how to make and apply plasters, energetic healing, and how to use herbal ear candles.

Thrill with the purpose and potential of messenger animals, crystals and stones. sacred geometry, and gain skill in extra-sensory powers, intuition, and energy work, culminating in the ability to manifest your reality through understanding wave and particle patterns, electro-magnetics, and yourself as a light being able to use the commands of Creation with universal keys.

*Required for attendance at higher level Courses

Donation: $1000


Join the most elemental and controversial course in the series, with curriculum in tonal frequencies, indigenous musical rhythms, animal and earth elements, specialized movements, full spectrum light in all its aspects, and inner imagery with guided meditation.

Experience altered states of being and healing therapies with sacred plants and medicinal alcohols. Learn to remote view, telepathically communicate, tell-a-vision, and recognize deceits and illusions.

Channel intention with tacheon energies to manifest or change physical form, and find how to release or integrate their innate potentials into your life.

Uncover the pioneering people and technologies that use frequencies that beneficially change form and function and how to use them to create reality.

*Required for attendance at higher level Courses

Donation: $900


Don’t-miss food the experience of a lifetime in uncovering all the ways we take in nutrition, the foods that break addictions, neutralize acids and toxins, calm anger and aggressiveness, fuel hormone production, boost the immune system, improve digestion, reverse aging, and increase intelligence and sexuality.

Prepare and eat multi-cultural meals, make bean and nut milks and cheeses, sprout seeds, bake bread and crackers, use seaweeds and kelps, marinate and jerk bison, demystify wine and pair it with special foods, blend ingredients for storable bulk wet and dry mixes for use as needed, and how to “peak” your family’s favorite recipes.

Learn what dentists don’t want you to know about teeth, what optometrists don’t want you to know about eyes, and what clinical nutritionists don’t want you to know about the medicinal properties of food.

This course offers the most inspirational and touching curriculum on the secret life of plants, and how their consumption reminds us of our true purpose and complete potential.

Donation: $1000


Visit the world of natural, ancient, and modern tribal and indigenous medicines, where the body and soul are studied with emphasis on shamanism. Discover your true heritage, legal status, and innate or permitted rights as they relate to individual freedoms.

Search the annuls of time and space while in an alpha state to find indigenous rites and plants that connect us to other forms of self and consciousness.

See if you have what it takes to claim your innate truth, free yourself of bondage, and create the future of your dreams.

Receive the ability to recognize energy patterns and life forces of multi-dimensional beings through symbolic body art, meditation, and intuition.

Donation: $900


Part 1:
Advanced training in essential oils use to successfully combat failing pharmaceuticals in attacks of staph, Candida, anthrax, pneumonia, Salmonella, E-coli, tuberculosis, and a host of other infectious pathogens.

Go deeper into interpreting medical test results, why scars form, and the harmful side-effects of prescription drugs and how to wean off of them, what herbs are equivalents and contraindicated by which drugs. Medical equipment provided for becoming fully expert in Otiscoping ears, taking heart rate and blood pressure, setting bones, wrapping sprains, and administering natural emergency therapies and first aid.

Know about the role intestinal culture plays in brain dis-orders, and become proficient in the terms commonly used by healers and doctors alike. Learn the story of the sexes, the timetable of the ancient world, and the difference between colored and colorless man.

Part 2:
Presentations of Doctoral Thesis

Donation: $1,200

General Course Information

  • Each of the Raphaology Courses is completed in 40 hours, divided into Parts – A and B, eld on two twenty-hour weekend classes (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday).
  • All Courses include 40 hours of class presentation, discussion and curriculum, Peak Frequency Food meals, and all course materials.
  • Course 1 is introductory information for any individuals seeking self-healing knowledge about the workings of the body and the natural resources that repair and restore them. You’ll come away empowered on multiple levels, or expanded in your current healing practice/modality.
  • Courses 1, 2, 3, and 5 are available to anyone with interest in the subject matter, and are prerequisites for attendance in higher Course levels.
  • Doctor of Raphaology Medicine (DRM) degree requires the completion of 280 comprehensive hours of Raphaology academia finishing all Courses through 1 – 7, including 100 hours of internship, mentoring program, 14 hours of Foundational Hands-On Training, 30 hours of Practicum’s 1-3 demonstrating competency and mastery of Raphaology elements and a written and oral doctoral thesis presentation.

General Steps to Becoming a Practitioner

  • Foundational Raphaology Practitioner (FRP) requires completion of Raphaology Course 1, and Foundational Hands-On Training, Mini-Session performances, Proficiency demonstration of materials and applications exam, Certification, and Agreement of Code of Standards.
  • Certified Raphaology Practitioner (CRP) requires completion of 80 hours in Raphaology Courses 1 and 2, Completion of Foundational Hands-On Training and certification as FRP, plus 20 hours of Practicum’s 1 & 2, two series of Teleconferences, 40 hours of internship with a DRM, and fulfillment of proficiencies as set forth in the Raphaology Licensing Agreement and Guild Membership.