I wholeheartedly agree to become a private member of the Raphaologys healing group a
o begin taking accountability for my health through learning about my body and practici
hole-plant-health and thereby accessing my innate abilitytoself-heal.

As a member, I happily acknowledge the following:

  1. I posses innate genetic abilities that instruct each cell in my body to repai
    egenerate, and replicate with vibrant health and ootimal Derformance when
    provide them with the proper nutrition.
  2. Herbs are nature’s medicine, and as such provide the nutritional ingredients to repair
    damage, restore function, boost nutrition, and allow their supportive activity in my
  3. Herbal and whole plant supplements may cause detoxification, which may produce
    temporary conditions such as headache, nausea, diarrhea, rash, or body aches
  4. I will use Raphaology@ Native Medicine supplements as suggested for best results
  5. None of the statements and supplements offered on this site have been reviewed or
    approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  6. It is not promised nor will I assume that there is any promise or intention to diagnose,
    cure, or heal disease as a result of applying information or taking whole plant
    supplements that I may obtain on this site

As a member, I gladly agree to the following:

  1. I agree to all of the points acknowledged above, and with best intentions, will do my
    best to apply them for the optimum healing results
  2. I agree to hold harmless any who handle the nutritional supplements, including but
    not limited to the administrators, the distributors/suppliers of Raphaologys Native
    Medicine, and the practitioners of this healing art
  3. I agree to educate myself about any contraindications or reactions that may occur as
    a result of taking nutritional supplements if/when combined with prescription or over-
    the-counter drugs and agree to take accountability for any such contraindications or
  4. I agree that herbal and whole-plant supplements may produce detoxification
    responses in my body that may cause symptoms similar to those that I experience
    when I am sick, which I will allow to occur as part of my healing process